In Science next week we are learning about animals and different types of animals – for these lessons we are in desperate need of real feathers. We spent our Easter holidays looking but didn’t find any! If you manage to find any over the weekend then please send them in.

Thank you!


This half term our topic is Africa, we are all really excited for our trip to Yorkshire Wildlife Park on May 1st where we will get to see some African animals. We are learning about Africa in our Geography and History lessons – we are looking at different areas of Africa as not everyone in Africa is poor. We have been looking at African dances and listening to African music too and thinking about how this makes us feel. We are going to have a look at African art including masks and are going to make our own masks. In Science we are learning about animals, grouping animals by type and exploring their features and may even make some models of animals out of clay!

This half term we also have the Danceathon (27.4.18) and parents open afternoon (27.4.18) so please feel free to join us in your dance gear or 80’s neon! It is 1T’s class assembly on Friday 18th May at 9.05 – all parents are welcome to come and share what we have learnt.

Thank you to those of you who are still supporting your child with their reading challenge – our sticker charts are filling up and the children completing the challenge each week reading is really improving.

No homework!

Year 1 do not have homework in purple books this weekend.

Instead they have been asked to read lots at home (to get a sticker for the chart) and to make sure that Mother’s Day is special for their loved ones.

Have a lovely weekend.

Miss Thatcher

Spring 2

This half term our topic is Space! The children have been enjoying learning about Neil Armstrong, Helen Sharman and Tim Peake. We have been thinking about how space travel has changed and whether we would like to go to space – some of us would to see if aliens exist and to see what it is like to have no gravity. We are looking at The Man on the Moon in Literacy and have been enjoying finding out about what Bob gets up to and finding out if there are aliens – but Bob knows there is no such thing as aliens!

In Science we are going to be thinking about our Senses and bodies as well as celebrating Science week by completing an Astro Nappy activity so get your thinking caps on about which the best material would be for a nappy for an astronaut doing a space walk to fix the International Space Station.

In maths we have been looking at addition and subtraction as well as 2D and 3D shapes and will be moving onto place value before the holidays. We will be counting in 2s, 5s and 10s as well as recalling our number facts mentally. We will be looking at healthy eating for our DT work and trying as well as designing some of our own meals.  At the end of the term we will think about the Easter story.

We have lots of lovely activities planned for World Book Day (once it is rearranged) and cannot wait to see you all in your amazing outfits. We loved our visit from Phil Earle this week too before the snow kept us away. Remember to keep reading – we want as many children to complete the reading challenge as possible each week to see if we can be the best classes in school – at the moment afternoon Nursery are beating everyone else. We can do it year 1!

Enjoy your weekend and if you see this post please make a comment about what you have done with your snow days or email us a photograph of what you have been up to.